7 Fables

7 Fables is an non-linear interactive book by acclaimed author Mark S. Meadows, also author of titles such as Pause & Effect, I, Avatar and We, Robot.

In MSM own words: "This app is a garden varietal of a graphic novel, a videogame, a piece of art, and a pack of lies. The stories are tangled up in one another and navigation is done across an island that has as many easter eggs as the Easter Bunny´s own warren. We can´t call it a video game, but there´s game-like activities, physics simulations, a treasure map navigation, and a reward or two. We can´t call it a puzzle, but there´s mind-benders to solve, and a reading structure you can turn on its head then turn inside out. And of course we have little pigs that oink when you poke ´em! In the end it´s a narrative with consequences - a little world you sculpt via your decisions."